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Municipalities of Eastern Serbia

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Opština Negotin

The Municipality
The Municipality of Negotin covers the area of 1,089 square kilometres, on the three-border junction between Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria. The Municipality is prevailingly oriented towards agriculture, mainly towards production of vine grapes and wine. About 1,700 hectares of the territory of the Municipality is under vineyards, which are used for production of wine with seven centuries long tradition. Production of quality grains and vegetables is also very developed, while great areas covered with forests are rich in medicinal herbs, mushrooms and other fruits of the forest, as well as various small and big game.

Rich historical and cultural heritage, including archaeological sites from the neolith period, remains of Roman culture from the period of Tetrarchy, medieval monasteries and historic monuments from the recent history, together with the untouched nature make the Municipality of Negotin one of the most attractive new tourist destinations in Serbia. An additional advantage for development of tourism and economy is the border crossing Bregovo, which is located on the territory of this Municipality and connects it with the neighbouring Bulgaria.



By its natural beauties, cultural and historic monuments, traffic connections, climate characteristics, hydrography, conditions for hunting and fishing and the existing tourist facilities, the Negotin region represents an exceptionally attractive region.

The town centre of Negotin is made of the old town centre in which the Church of Holy Trinity is prominent, the old and the new downtown, as well as the town park. The following architectonic monuments can be singled out: Museum of Archaeology, Birth house of Stevan Mokranjac and the Museum of Veljko the Outlaw . Todorče’s konak (residence) is the oldest preserved house in this region, dating from 19th century. Archaeological site Vrelo-Šarkamen from the period of Roman Tetrarchy is also located on the territory of the Municipality of Negotin. Three monasteries, Vratna, Bukovo and Koroglaš are the source of spirituality of this region. A distinct characteristic of the Negotin region are the wine cellars in neighbouring villages of Rajac, Rogljevo and Smedovac, where wine has been produced and kept in a specific way since 17th century, with a possibility to visit those wine cellars during the tourist season and to degust the wine.

Days of Mokranjac is an event with a long tradition in Negotin, dedicated to our most famous composer. The programme of the event is consisted of competition of choirs, premiers, a great number of concerts, exhibitions and promotions of books. Fair of honey and wine is held each September and includes presentations of vine growers and beekeepers from whole Serbia and neighbouring Bulgaria and Romania.