Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

Municipalities of Eastern Serbia

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Eastern Serbia is located between the Danube on the north and the Stara planina on the south-east, along the Timok valley, along the border with Romania and Bulgaria. The territory covers about 8,000 km², with close to 350,000 inhabitants.

Istocna Srbija

The first settlements date from the Neolithic Age, 6,500 BC. Until the present day, this region has seen many empires supersede one another. From the Age of Antiquity, this territory was a part of many empires, including the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Turkish Empire and Serbian Kingdom. Each of those cultures has had a deep impact on lives, traditions and customs of the people who lived here. This fusion of cultural heritage is still present today, through many historic monuments, which already found their place in the touristic offer of this region.

Apart from cultural monuments, a great touristic potential is reflected in numerous mountains, lakes, rivers and spas and baths. However, the greatest value of this region is in its people. Inhabitants of Eastern Serbia are characterised by traditional hospitability and cordiality, winning over even the most fastidious visitors.

Through this project we would like to bring charm and magic of Eastern Serbia closer to you. We invite you to visit us and have a great time. We have put in a lot of effort to present you Eastern Serbia the way it really is. This Web site offers you everything you need to know before you come and visit us. And all the rest, all the rest when you come…